The Treasury engaged Projex Building to deliver the 2A & 2C Block and Stack refurbishment under a lump sum agreement. The works included demolition of the existing fitout and base building bathrooms, including removal of 2500m2 asbestos vinyl tile and blackjack. New fitout works included refurbishment of the base building bathrooms, new office layout including builders works, services and finishes, reinstallation and modification of existing workstation partitions and screens, installation of new workstations and furniture, and installation of new kitchens. Projex were able to successfully complete the project on time and with minimal disruption to the building occupants.

Key challenges to the project included the asbestos removal, working with existing hydraulic and mechanical services with limited documentation, re-use of existing workstation screens and logistics of handling, as well as the overall timeframe of the project given the release of the federal budget and pressures on building users.

Working with existing building services presented multiple challenges. Hydraulic services had no isolation points, some existing pipework was either insufficient or blocked, and the ceiling space below was in public areas, set plasterboard and 5m high voids. This was overcome through extensive investigations, alternate drainage design, and through the modification of existing services.

The timeframe for the project was tight given the extent of scope for demolition, asbestos removal, base building works, fitout, Treasury budget release and stop works, as well as pressure from The Treasury to complete the works for a 30 June deadline.

  • Client The Treasury
  • Architect/Referee DJAS/Julie Watts - The Treasury Project Manager
  • Project Value $3.6M
  • Delivery Model Lump Sum
  • Project Sector Government
  • Duration 16 weeks
Projex were able to successfully complete the project on time for Treasury to relocate into the space through early trade procurement, alternate asbestos removal methodology, night and weekend works, strategic staging of the demolition/fitout between the areas, and close liaison with The Treasury to manage budget stop works.